Terms and Conditions

- Please be on time for each workshop session. Respecting punctuality keeps the flow of energy on track and helps the group bond with safety and compassion.

- Cell phones must remain off or silent during session time.

- There will be designated breaks for rest and light refreshment, unless for emergency.

- Please bring journals and all necessary materials (below) and an open mind and heart
 -yoga mat
 -pens, pencils, markers
 -comfortable clothing

- The experience of the workshop is intense, so it is important to be able to communicate with vulnerability, acceptance and patience.

- All stories will be filmed at end of the workshop. All footage will remain confidential pending your release signature and potential participation in The Telling 2015. Each participant will receive access to their personal Telling video.

Give Her A Voice reserves the right to dismiss any participant who is not responsible to the above Terms and Conditions.